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Did the judges give last week's Kid any 10's? I thought that dish was a real standout. I also think that there are only so many laugh-out-loud gags that you can take, and so they may decide that a main course with the different angle would work in amongst other jokey/quirky courses. my guess is that's still the favourite
Prue said she'd given a ten and I'm guessing Michael's main was the recipient as I can't see any others that would have been in line.

I think the goat dish from last week fulfils the brief on many levels. It delivers gentle humour with a witty title and an appropriate comedy prop, it looks (and from the comments, tastes) delicious and it brings home a more serious aspect too. As a main course, I think it fits perfectly. It would presumably be surrounded by more comedic dishes and the intrinsic message would be - there's plenty of comedy around here but let's not forget the "main" reason we started this in the first place.
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