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I don't understand what they said about how the "vaccine" would reduce the world's population - did they say it would eventually plateau at 500 million? If 5 - 10% of the population remain fertile then surely those people are likely to have many more children each than the average person does now? Very likely laws would be changed to allow people to buy and sell children and the few fertile people would make a living from it and the population wouldn't be reduced by that much. Then their children wouldn't be affected by the "vaccine" anyway, so there would be no effect on future generations and population growth would soon get back to normal.

I also don't get why they wanted to test whether they could make something that would be passed on genetically if it was in preparation for Janus - the people affected by Janus will be infertile, so they won't have any children to pass it on to?

Can someone explain what I'm not getting, please?
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