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Hi everyone, i've been reading this thread for a bit and have registered just so i can comment. There is a fairly active thread about Utopia over on Mumsnet too but not to this degree, although we did pick up on the whole Peter/Jessica Rabbit thing.

First thing I would like to say, is did anyone notice in the last episode that when it was meant to go to a commercial break, in that it had the break bumper screen up, that it didn't and just carried on? I did notice it and thought at the time that it was odd but then forgot. My husband who is in Advertising watched tonight and did a total about turn! Were there actually meant to be ads or did they just throw that yellow Utopia screen up just for the fun of it? It happened at least twice.

Anyway, i love all the theories. Who is Mr Rabbit? I personally think it's Donaldson. I'm going for the "Kaiser Soze" element, that a web of fantasy/deceit has been created about Mr Rabbit and he is actually right there in front of your eyes. I would bet that he is also possibly Carvel too. Someone said on this thread a few pages back that Donaldson reminded him of the mad hatter, running around. But it isn't the mad hatter that runs around, it's Rabbit.
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