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Despite the fact that there's something about Aiden which means I can't quite take to him I found myself willing the judges to call out his name as the winning chef so I'm pleased he's finally got to the final.

I hope if there's another series though that Mary Ellen comes back and gets through next time. I think she was quite lucky to have got through to the judging day but she seemed to eliminate most of her errors and I warmed to her as a person in the end. She seems so lacking in confidence and vulnerable that I wanted to give her a hug at the end where they showed her looking so disappointed yet still said that the judges decision was correct.

I agree 100% that there's no way the judges should have seen Phil Howard's marks and I think they were influenced when it came to Aiden's main course. Having said that the meat looked so tender and succulent and if it's possible for meat to look full of flavour it managed to do so. I think it would be perfectly suitable for the banquet but like a few other people I would be more excited to be served Michael's goat dish even though it has a different interpretation of the brief.

We should definitely see all the judges marks to prove the chef with the highest marks has won. Rightly or wrongly I just have this feeling that if a chef produces a dish that the judges see as a real contender for the banquet that they might give that chef the nod even if he or she might be a point or two behind overall. Maybe that's how it should be though to get the best dishes through to the banquet.
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