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suprised Amber got a place in drama school, her Shakespeare sounded awful.
Amber was not offered a place in Drama School. She was offered a conditional place at Essex University. Funny how my daughter got proper letters from the unis she applied for but Amber gets texts! There are no loans/grants available for Drama School, you have to pay for everything!

I live in Harpurhey and most of the people I know are decent and hardworking.

Paul's comment about half of Harpurhey having been in Strangeways is a loads of codswallop. 52% of the population are female and Strangeways is a male only prison. You cannot see Strangeways from any part of Harpurhey other than the one and only tower block in the area.

I don't know why I bother tuning in tbh. Maybe I'll go into hiding next Wednesday ...... Rant over!
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