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That isn't the full article (on Jodie Marsh),because in her column KP pontificated ...
I would never promote a product I don't believe in or use.
Jodie is either plain stupid or she's being badly advised.
For instance when I'm launching a new perfume I will sit down with the developers & smell ingredients for two hours. Then I'll choose everything from packaging to the lid bottle, & picture for the promotion package.
It's probably too late for Jodie to take a leaf out of my book.She's unlikely to come out of this smelling of roses.
JST Jodie ? Does that stand for Just Such a T*** .

Now correct me if I'm wrong,but was one of her perfumes not removed from the shelves after it was discovered the bottles were being made by 'slave labour'. ? And Pwicee said she knew nothing about it. So,in actual fact KP, you either knew they were produced by slave labour (because you claim you are there,every step of the way "choosing lids,bottles..." )----or else you are every bit as thick & out of the loop as Jodie .
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