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II also don't get why they wanted to test whether they could make something that would be passed on genetically if it was in preparation for Janus - the people affected by Janus will be infertile, so they won't have any children to pass it on to?

Can someone explain what I'm not getting, please?
My understanding is that when the protein (from the vaccine) and the amino acid (from the food) come together they make a change in the DNA of the host rendering them infertile, Not ALL the people will take both the vaccine and ingest the food. As a consequence some will not have the DNA change and will remain fertile and continue to reproduce. Most, however, will be rendered infertile as a consequence of the prevelence of the amino acid in the foodstuff and the clamour for the vaccine in an epidemic - not unreasonable.

Assuming the sterilisation gene to be dominant (Deels being the forerunner to check its efficacy) would mean even fewer successful procreations through statistics alone. With fertile couples being a significant minority the chances of a fertile/fertile union is quite low and would take a long time to recover. The infertile gene will dominate the fertile gene resulting in an unsuccessful pregnancy.

I think Donaldson's argument about a geriatric armageddon is very worthy and runs counter to Letts' Utopia. Some fantastic throw-aways with "Energy saving lightbulbs" and "might be some noises" which would, of course, mask the recovery of the gun from a cistern. The seat-belt scene was brilliant as was "we talk to the man at the counter".

This show has so many levels it is just a delight to watch and immerse yourself in. I have no fears about a second series. I just love the newness of it all. It's pure invention and power to those who allow our artists to do this instead of the derivative claptrap Cowell et al would have us feed on forever and a day.
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