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I'm an insomniac tonight so thinking over the points made in this thread (which I love)...

All of these people have chosen to be in a service industry but some haven't given it enough thought. (No prize for who I'm thinking of atm). All of my life until I retired, I dealt with the public and throughout I learnt how difficult the public can be.

V and S were both nurses and have surely witnessed situations that I for one wouldn't know how to handle. They were, presumably, in charge. On the other hand I've diffused potential flare-ups and could walk into a roomful of strangers and break the tension when I was in charge.

It isn't only V and S, we've seen it all through the series. People have warmth and friendliness or they don't.

I really do think that's the starting point. I don't like to make personal comments but Saida had the most miserable face all through the week. I understand why but she made her choice so get on with it and make an effort to make people around you enjoy their experience. Moan later in private.

ETA. I would guess that part of Saida's unhappiness is that she made a wrong choice and doesn't know how to extricate herself.

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