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Bear with me, I'm technologically challenged, so I hope all this cutting and pasting I am about to do works. I was watching Reggie Perrin tonight, series 1, episode 4, and the sweater he wears toward the end of the episode appears to be the same one he wore on a recent talk show interview. Here is the youtube clip of the show: You see the sweater at around 4 minutes 35 seconds.

And here are some stills from the talk show:

Not that I'm obsessed or anything....
Yes it is the same one.

I don't think he's very clothes conscious and is prepared to wear the stuff from the shows he is in out in public later. I guess they are made for him so why not? He wore his suit from DM later in public. I think it is very sensible but I cannot see an American actor doing it!! Do they?

Not sure if people were pleased or horrified that Kate's (Duchess of Cambridge) mother wore Kate's hand-me-downs. I thought it was very sensible.
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