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This show is a complete whitewash of lies. Making out the Honeyz had'nt seen each other in 12 years is a blatant lie when they peformed together just a couple of years ago on tv. Also the B*Witched twins tried a comeback on their own just 2 years ago but flopped - watching the show last night you would be led to believe the sisters had never spoken in a decade.

Also Atomic Kitten have reformed numerous times over the years but this also has been completely ignored to the viewer.

What a load of old tosh.

Exactly, mate. The show's full of lying shite, and it's insulting to think the makers feel we'd accept all this dramatised fiction when it's obvious many of these acts have met and performed together numerous times since the show says they last did. I do watch it, but I take their lying nonsense with a ton of salt and just enjoy the cliched garbage they spin out.
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