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I really do adore this show, and isn't it great to see some fresh faces on primetime terrestrial TV, such as Adam Hills and Alex Brooker. The style, the chemistry and the atmosphere of the entire show feels real, and the angle that the awkward Pistorious issue was tackled at was just about as decent and ideal as could be expected. After all, it must have been just about the least likely thing they thought they would have to address last week. Ten out of ten on the handling.

I think it now shows up other Channel 4 shows such as Alan Carr's Chatty Man as increasingly stale, formulaic, and peddling the same round of self promoting guests time and again.

Regards the mentioning of East 17 on tonights show, I wonder if any of them actually realise the meaning behind Stay Another Day, the Christmas No1 in 1994, written by Tony Mortimer about his brother who took his own life? Yes, they had fun with that song last week, and Adam Hills asked any members, or all to get in touch if out there watching, and maybe do a charity cover with charming Alex Brooker. It could be used to maybe raise money for Samaritans in the context of why the song was written, unless they were thinking disability charities.

But a lovely show, makes me smile, love the happy tone of it all, and just right on Friday night. Many more please!
I thought that, when they were joking about getting East 17 on, I thought umm really?!
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