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Is that as gross as it sounds? I can see, however, that it's a practical option.
Define gross.
Gloves, disinfectant and cloth is practical, efficient and cost-effective. If you analyse it, no less gross is flicking loaded crappy bristles around the upper reaches of the bowl and it's less effective - brushes don't efficiently get under the front rim of the loo, for eg. I don't use one of the rechargable disposible cloth brush thingies - consumables are expensive and more to the point here we have a sometimes sceptical septic tank - I can't flush them after use.

As a matter of interest, Normandie, how much did you know before embarking on B&B (& D)? You've made the point - and FIAB reinforces it - that too many people simply try to transfer home making skills to what is essentially a business project.
I've worked in the travel industry on and off for 30+ years, mostly in sales and marketing but early on I managed central booking offices and worked in receptions of large holiday centres.

The b&b or small hotel owner, needs to be good at budgeting, analysis, sales and marketing (websites, printed literature) customer relations, administration: you have to run a - hopefully busy - booking office, sorting bookings, juggling rooms, confirming bookings, taking deposits, etc. And then the rooms themselves have to be - nowadays, if you want a reasonable return on your efforts - decorated, furnished and cleaned to a high standard and maintained that way.

If you think it appeals, you should try it. Definitely. But you have to really like people, be happy for someone else to take over at least part of your house and garden and make it theirs, be happy and motivated to help them at all hours of the day... even if you don't really like them. You have to manage them in a jolly way when they're being difficult- not wanting to vacate the room by 11am because their ferry isn't till 11pm but you have two new families due at 4pm. Or you can't ignore a couple having a raucous row at midnight when other guests in the next room retired to bed knackered 2 hours earlier. It's your job to sort it.

There's loads more I could say but in a nutshell, you're not going to get unhappy residents who can write income-damaging reviews on TA if your kids get a slightly stained - but clean! - pillowcase or you overcook the bacon or if the cat has had a furball on the stairs... guests have a different set of expectations - I'm not sure Toni, for eg, really got that... and that's a big difference between running a family and running a b&b.
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