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Yes I think we all know, but Beirut is commonly used as an example of an uninviting war torn place. If one is describing a violent or chaotic scene one might say "it looked like Beirut". So calling a restaurant that seems risky.
The Lebanese Lounge might be better, or Big Berthas Bath House!
No? ok just a thought
Beirut 's imagine as war zone comes from that time of civil war and kidnappings etc but proir to that it was a playground of rthe ich and famous with a strong French flavour..a colonial paradise!
Many of the Lebanese restuarants that sprang up in the Uk were of course people getting away from the civil war. I was in our local one ,one friday night when a young British Asian rushed in ,asking where was the mosque. I had to tell him as the owner, George hadn't a clue..Arabic script can be misleading and yes there's lots of Lebanese Christians.(And yes the food's good!)

A friend went to Beirut a few years ago and many places have been rebuilt and lookig very splendid one more so let's hope the image continues to get more positive.
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