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I've just read them both, and, on the face of it, the manager sounds as if he's got a point. They've also got overwhelmingly good reviews. People can sometimes be very blinkered over how their children behave.
This was one of my pet hates when working as a Restaurant Manager. Diners did not look after their children and allowed them to run around the other customers tables. We were so busy and asked the parents if they could keep them in their safekeeping as hot coffee and food was being served and all it would take was a child colliding with a waitress and of course we would get the blame. In many cases, the parents were more interested in downing their drinks than supervising their children. It was not down to staff to look after them and several times parents had arguments amongst themselves because neither wanted to be with their kids. One of the less happy sides to restaurant work.
Interesting comments on The Old Hall. Looks like a pair of irresponsible parents venting their spleen. The response is thoughtful and measured.
^ ^ ^ These points.
After an aeon dealing with 7-9 year olds on school trips my sympathies lie with the people who asked to be moved and the owners. The father who wrote the awful review sounds like the "rare, but they are out there" idiots who think that their children can run around willy nilly in a more formal setting.
Taking your children to a restaurant is all part of socialising the little darlings. They aren't too young to be taught proper behaviour. Running around, whether the place is empty or not is not acceptable. It's perfectly possible for 6 year olds to stay in their seats, it's not a playground.
The irresponsible parent damns himself for what he's written.
V & S could learn something from the owners' response. Very well put, calm and reasoned. I'm looking forward to seeing the place next week.

And UGH re the photo of the breakfast at Rutland Terrace. They look as if they've copied and pasted a photo from Google Images. It looks plastic and cold.
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