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I agree, teaching is a minefield. My ex was a teacher of many years' experience and if one-to-one contact was necessary, he would be sure to have another member of staff nearby. The school cleaners were often roped in as chaperones!

However... things changed. Long story short, he began abusing a (willing) 15 year-old pupil on the pretence of giving her extra tuition, alone in his classroom after school. All he had to do was spin out the lesson until the cleaners and other staff had left and the coast was clear.

Although the girl was indeed willing, he was still her teacher and was responsible for her safety. The judge, not impressed by this love story, gave him two years' prison and 10 on the Sex Offenders' Register.

Of course, most teachers wouldn't dream of molesting the kids or taking advantage of even the silliest, most lovesick pupil, but the odd one who does makes life so much harder for all the good ones.
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