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Yes it is the same one.

I don't think he's very clothes conscious and is prepared to wear the stuff from the shows he is in out in public later. I guess they are made for him so why not? He wore his suit from DM later in public. I think it is very sensible but I cannot see an American actor doing it!! Do they?

Not sure if people were pleased or horrified that Kate's (Duchess of Cambridge) mother wore Kate's hand-me-downs. I thought it was very sensible.
I agree it is sensible. In the US the costumes used in a television show belong to someone else other than the actor. They may be owned by the studio production company, or could be rented or something like that. I'm sure it happens once in a while that an actor may keep his or her costumes, but it's not super common. But Martin is definitely not a clothes horse, and I can see him asking the costumers if he can keep something. He owns all the DM costumes, of course, since it's his company.

Speaking of costumes, I think Louisa looks great in her maternity clothes in series 4.
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