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Went to see it the other night with no previous knowledge of the story, only knowing a couple of songs (The Susan Boyle one and "on my own" ), but I generally enjoy musicals and had high hopes that I'd enjoy this.

My hopes were not realised.

Beyond Anne Hathaway's stunning show-stealing moments in the first 30 minutes, which had me on the verge of losing it, and thinking "here we go, this is going to be brilliant", there was little else of any interest to me. The same four songs repeated over and over, simultaneously sung lines of dialogue from separate characters meaning you had no idea what any of them are saying, a love story based on nothing whatsoever, no sense of grandeur or any reason for this to be a big-budget film beyond the opening scene with the boat, I just found the two hours after the opening 30 minutes incredibly boring.

I'm sure it's fantastic for all the Les Mis fans and West End aficionados, but personally I've come to the conclusion that I like my musicals with acting in between the songs rather than the ridiculous spectacle of conversations being held in song.
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