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This article from Malta today says that the leader who objected to the appointment had "nothing against Peter Andre per se ...And I think that the idea to nominate him was a good one. It just irked me that there was no proper consultation on it ... The only thing I sought to question him on was whether this would incur any expenses from the local council. He told me there wouldn't be, and that all the council would have to do would be to present Andre with a commemorative plaque."

So the story has more to do with political in-fighting than personal objections to Pete.

As for the Valentines story, Pete and Emily shared a box at the Royal Albert Hall with Kevin Pietersen and Jessica Taylor to watch Cirque du Soleil. Who knows if it was a pre-arranged double date or if they just happened to find themselves sitting together but in the circumstances I think it's understandable that they didn't go in for PDAs. Good to see that they avoided being papped.
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