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Thanks. That wouldn't have been the intended demo, I guess? ITV would probably have been hoping for lots of youngish males. I suppose at first, commercial broadcasters have to guess what demo a new programme is going to appeal to, taking into account the price they can charge for each one. Housewives with Kids is one of the cheaper ones, isn't it, as they're so easy to reach?

Great Night Out achieved the following overnight ratings among Housewives with Kids on average across its run (inc +1):

Audience of 491.5k, TVR of 7.4, share of 16.8%.
Compared with overall audience of 3.3m, TVR of 5.8, share of 14%.

(approx figures as I used the 21:00-22:00 timeslot here, and one of the episodes finished at 21:57, or 21:55 tape-checked)
The intended demo for Great Night Out would've probably been 16-34s as you've said, although ITV are selling sponsorship for other upcoming comedies based on Housewives with Children (a demo which Benidorm does well with too) so maybe a mixture of both. I suppose if they're predicting growth in the ratings for a potential second series (should it be renewed), most of that growth will probably be among the younger demos so they might continue to sell spots based on that 16-34 demo even though comparitively speaking GNO series 1 did better with HWWC.

Hypothetically for a 30 second spot on ITV, it costs an advertiser about 43 to reach a thousand 16-34 adults (69 for 1000 female 16-34s, 110 for 1000 male 16-34s), 19 to reach a thousand ABC1 adults (30 for 1000 female ABC1 adults, 49 for 1000 male ABC1 adults) and 52 to reach a thousand Housewives with Children (source: ITV Media). So based on the demos I post each week, you can calculate in theory how much ad revenue that show would generate per hour if ad spots were sold based on each demo, and then you can see which demo a show is strongest in relatively speaking (ad revenue-wise). In reality though companies won't just buy ad spots during specific shows like this apart from the big-hitters, they'd just buy a certain number of 16-34 (or whatever demo they seek) TVR worth of ad space and state they want their ad campaign be advertised over a specific period of time to that number of 16-34 TVR worth of viewers and the broadcaster would then distribute their advert during programmes across that specified period which they project best matches the type of audience and number of viewers of that audience the company paid for. But manually calculating these figures does give you an idea in which demo a show is doing best in (if it's not clearly obvious by the skews). You're right that the HWWC audience for GNO, even though it is comparatively better than 16-34 and ABC1s for it, is still mediocre.
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