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Forgot to mention this last night, but I disagree that she was very gracious. She was very good on the night but by morning she had obviously worked her way up into a self righteous rage (with some prompting from the production team?).
What I found disappointing was that whilst V&S handled it very poorly, there was no apology or explaination as to why Helen thought it acceptable to use her daughters old pee stained mattress for paying guests to use.
I agree completely. V&S were terribly unpleasant about the whole situation, and undoubtedly handled it very badly, but on skimming over the last few pages of this thread, I began to think that I must have misheard Helen's comment about the pee. Do people think offering a urine-stained mattress (and mentioning that it was stained with wee in a super-casual, just-in-passing kind of way) is acceptable? Or did that fact just get conveniently passed over in favour of some of the very nasty and personal comments aimed at V&S?
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