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Hypothetically for a 30 second spot on ITV, it costs an advertiser about 43 to reach a thousand 16-34 adults (69 for 1000 female 16-34s, 110 for 1000 male 16-34s), 19 to reach a thousand ABC1 adults (30 for 1000 female ABC1 adults, 49 for 1000 male ABC1 adults) and 52 to reach a thousand Housewives with Children (source: ITV Media)
Thanks for that rzt. I'm really surprised Housewives with Children (52/k) are more expensive than 16-34s (43/k). That must make a lot of ITV's daytime line-up very profitable, even though the ratings have generally been on the wane lately (I'm thinking particularly of the key morning/lunchtime shows- Daybreak, Loose Women and This Morning. ITV have improved their performance a great deal with their late-afternoon quizzes.)

Do Channel 4 charge more for their 16-34s as they're more upmarket (or simply by trading on their - now somewhat tarnished - brand)? Can you go more granular and buy ABC1 16-34s?
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