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It's too late to edit my post, but incase any pedants feel the need to point it out...Kate's first two albums were produced by Andrew Powell (although she assisted on Lionheart). She co-produced Never for Ever with Jon Kelly, after that she produced all her own work.

And as much as Wuthering Heights, Man With the Child In His Eyes (which she wrote when she was FOURTEEN!!!) and the whole of The Kick Inside album has a huge place in my heart, she went on to make music and write lyrics that were just so much more than that.

The Dreaming is still my favourite album, it was so intense, dark and threatening compared to her previous work and saw her blossom as a musical force to be reckoned with. It was a critical and commercial failure but is now widely regarded as one of her best albums.

She then went on to great critical and commercial success with Hounds of Love and currently holds "National Treasure" status (hence the CBE).

So, I think that's "quite a lot", not "not a lot".
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