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Whilst I was on holiday last December, my friend and I commented on how well behaved all the children were.

None of them were English
I am amazed that parents think child friend means that children may run amok.

Our child is only 14 months old so we don't take her any where to eat much except to family pubs for sunday lunch sometimes. That's because those pubs are usually noisy and bustling and if she is restless i can minimise how much disruption she causes, if she wont settle i go outside with her while the others finish.
By the time she is 4 or 5 I expect to be able to take her to nice places to eat and that she will sit and behave, while being part of the party as the children of my family and friends do

That review , by the father of the children, suggests that it should be accepted that children will run around a restaurant, I cant understand why he thinks thats the norm. At home i wouldnt accept children leaving the table to run around during dinner either.
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