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So ant and dec starts it's 10 episode run next week - that means that there'll be two nights where ant and dec and BGT are both on - hope the beeb are taking note and really push this year's doctor who.
Do we actually think Ant and Dec are going to really do well then. I thought the shows was in decline and was the reason they ended it? Doctor who will probably be beaten head to head in the oversights but should bounce back in the officials.

Doctor who should start at 6.15 with the voice at 7. Will the voice be launching before BGT? 13yh of April seems to early to me. I thought the voice would be launching next month. That would mean a head start. A head start would be good for it.

cant see ITV letting it happen and the BBC schedulers usually get second best. Doctor Who I hope will do well!

edit. Just had a look at the voice and the BBC say the live shows starts on the 8th of june.

So lets work it out.

last year excluding results shows it was a 12 episode series. there are 3 live shows this year they begin 8th of June. 12 take away 3 gives 9 weak's. count back 9 weeks from 8th June gives Saturday 6th April exactly one week before BGT. so according to my very sketchy working they start at a very similar point.

I reckon after some moving and shaking they will both start on the same week. also the voice has an extra round this year I don't know if that means an extra week or not. But my prediction is 6th of April for the voice. Doctor who only has an 8 week run so I reckon it will start the same night as the voice but skip a week when Eurovision is on. that makes 9 weeks so Doctor who would finish the week before the Voice live shows start. Which is an okay prediction because the live shows will be longer and would need an extra long slot.

I'm rambling sorry.

BGT had 7 audition shows last year. If they do start on the 13th then that means they finish on the 25th of may. meaning live week starts on Sunday 26th with the final on the 1st of June. Now I have not factored in any sport disruptions there meaning I will be totally wrong and it renders that whole paragraph utterly pointless!!!

What and idiot! I tried to look like I knew what I was talking about.

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