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Was just doing some Saturday morning surfing and found myself on a Twitter search for MC. Some fun stuff - a lot of mentions of Heavy Horsepower with about 50-50 loving it and making fun of it (lots of hamburger jokes). One person said MC should narrate everything (totally agree) and another mentioned Hunting Venus and said MC is a God (LOL!)

But the funny bit is that he apparently was In London for a few days. We saw the Twitter pic of him and we saw the pics of him seeing War Horse. But one guy tweeted on Tuesday that he was standing next to him in H & M Regent St looking at David Beckham underwear range (moving on from Calvin Klein?) and this was followed immediately by a young woman who said "Martin Clunes in Mac #celebspot #soho". Then yesterday, three different people spotted him in Waterloo Station, one said he was getting on a train to Exeter.

Maybe he and Phillipa had a nice Valentines Day outing to London? I guess he can't go anywhere without being spotted. Thought it funny that three different people tweeted about seeing him in the train station
Maybe he's ordering new bespoke suits for S6?

Wonder if the train is a result of driving ban....
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