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I loved that last episode - B*witched were, and are, my favourite of the 6 groups by far so I was pleased that none of them tried to kill each other or anything! It was sad to see the harsh realities behind the happiness, but I think and hope they will be OK... the way they formed gives me a lot of hope. When I hear the tales of Five and Atomic Kitten being thrown together and not liking each on first impressions, well its not really a great start, is it? At least B*witched knew each other, chose to add another member etc. rather than being forced into these decisions.
It's going to be interesting to see what happens next for the Honeyz though - that seemed VERY awkward. I would have preferred the Mk2 lineup, but am pleased Mariama is back as she was my favourite, and I thought she seemed lovely o this.
Am I the only one shocked to hear Mariamma retrained as a midwife? She looks like she`d faint if she broke a
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