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The Great Re-watch
S4e3 "Perish Together as Fools"
Director: Ben Bolt
Writer: Richard Stoneman

Dr. Martin Ellingham is shocked to find Louisa and Aunt Joan knocking at his door before the Surgery has opened. Louisa has had a medical scare and wants Martin's reassurance that everything is fine. PC Joe Penhale's big brother Sam comes to Portwenn. Louisa moves in with (not quite... merely wanting his home - comment by RS) an old man who wants to move to a nursing home but Martin refuses his request. The doctor is less than pleased when he hears the surgery needs to be re-decorated. Al Large goes to lengths in order to convince Pauline he is good enough for her.
And of course this episode includes the infamous button scene, which I put into one of my stories as a memory...

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