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Rodney McKay
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I think this series has been an improvement on last year. It's not as good as it was but it's still a good show and I will keep watching to the bitter end.

I think the main problem is they are running out of things to do. They haven't done buses yet!

Still I think this series is allot better than the last one.

They have done buses! Hammond did a racing one to find out which bus was the best (they used a load of TC drivers)

I don't think that they've run out of things to do, I think it's a money issue, there are fewer big road trips and when was the last cheap car challenge?

Clarkson admitted a while back the BBC were cutting their budget which of course makes no sense to anyone with a proper commercial brain, but then when the BBC is run by half the Labour party it's hardly a shock.

There are plenty of places to do a big road trip ( I don't know why they keep going back to the USA) like Canada, Russia, Australia/New Zealand for starters.

I'd like to see them doing more racing (like they did with the BMW and the cheap cars for golf clubs which were entertaining, funny and well filmed).
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