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So ant and dec starts it's 10 episode run next week - that means that there'll be two nights where ant and dec and BGT are both on - hope the beeb are taking note and really push this year's doctor who.
BGT starts on April 13th.
Radio Times website says Ant & Dec is 8 episodes which means it finishes on April 13th. If BGT starts that night, then that would be a big night for ITV. Unless SNT flops this run. Looks like it could face some tough opposition - Let's Dance and maybe Dr Who or The Voice.

I'm sure the provisional schedules posted in this thread had Let's dance starting next week at 7.10 and SNT startting at 7.30 or 7.45. Both now starting at 7pm with Let's Dance having England v France rugby as the lead-in and SNT following You've Been Framed.
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