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I remember how on his wipe shows he'd take apart a TV genre or trope piece by piece and demonstrate how it fits together with a parody.
That's because he's done all that already.

One of his pieces at one time was the most liked clip on youtube. It probably isn't now as it was about two years ago.
Given how it's a BBC programme, they've probably thrown a copyright claim at it

What 'use' is a piss take of a program exactly?
Where's the time cutoff when taking the piss out of program is no longer of any use?
You need to do it when the show is new and fresh, not when it's several series and several years old. By now, any piss-takes have been done already.

I can see why you'd say its "lazy", but I think it's both funny and worthwhile. Highlighting the sort of brainless/xenophobic/Daily Mail-reading shite that infects pretty much every part of the internet (and indeed seems to proliferate only BECAUSE of the internet) never gets old.
You've just actually pointed out WHY it's lazy and not funny.
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