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Clarkson admitted a while back the BBC were cutting their budget which of course makes no sense to anyone with a proper commercial brain,
Two things there:

Firstly, any commercial profits made from the sales of DVDs, merchandise, live shows and the licensing of the TG brand go to BBC Worldwide, BBCWW's annual profits are returned to the BBC to supplement the licence fee as a whole. profits from TG commercial activities are not ring-fenced for TG. And as BBC budgets have suffered cuts recently due to the effects of the 6-year LF freeze and the imposition of funding responsibilities for BBC Monitoring and BBC World service, other programme budgets have seen cuts

Secondly, until recently 50% of all TG commercial profits went to Bedder 6 - the company set up by Jeremy Clarkson and Andy Wilman, and jointly owned by JC, AM and BBC WW.

BBC WW bought the 50% stakes that JC and AW held last September. Now 100% of those TG profits will go to BBC WW.

Full details here:

but then when the BBC is run by half the Labour party
Except that it is not.
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