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But surely people would quickly find a way to beat the statistics!
The bankers tried that and just look what happened. People WILL try and many will fail. They still continue to be part of the actual statistics that will be a sudden and sustained population decline until it eventually bottoms out. The world will, indeed, seem empty.

At the moment infertile couples don't (for the most part) just accept infertility - they try all kinds of things - as shown in this very series.
Indeed and, in spite of their efforts, the success rate is not great - as shown in this very series. In fact, it has proved so inefective that Jen as resorted to blackmail and extortion in ordeer to get her baby.

I can imagine the few fertile men would find they could charge as much as they liked to act as sperm donors, and the few fertile women would be able to charge as much as they liked to be "surrogate mothers" to provide babies for the infertile couples.

And surely many governments finding their countries' population dropping alarmingly would make sure the fertile people got together in couples to reproduce whether willingly or unwillingly?
Indeed, much of this would be likely to go on but it requires money, an infrastructure, and a degree of cooperation. Other things will be occupying governments including: rapidly decreasing tax revenues; an ageing population in a top heavy society; other diseases springing up and a population wary of vaccines - Donaldson, himself, put it quite succinctly. It will be a "social and economic armageddon".

One of the many things I love about this show is it gets people talking and thinking about the very real problems it exposes. Your points are no less valid than mine or anyone elses.

Utopia conjures up a fascinating scenario that plays out in a surreal world that is gorgeous to look at and is generously peppered with dialogue that is a delight to hear. All this tied up in a quirky yet atmospheric music score - why is this show not the massive hit it deserves to be!
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