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I think the problem Chantelle has is that she really, really hates Alex and this will cause her to lash out at everything he does or says because he annoys her, let's face it if a bloke was living in your house having built his own sex dungeon for himself and dressing as a scary looking woman most nights, I think I'd be a bit annoyed too.

She just can't stand him and that is pretty obvious.
Oh please.
You don't actually believe that a dimwit like Alex built an entire dungeon while the daft bint was out having her photo taken STRUGGLING round the supermarket do you?
If I knew he dressed as a scary-looking woman,so did Chantelle.
The problem with Chantelle isn't that she hates Alex,it's that she's a useless,vacuous moron who would rather flog her daughter's every second to a second rate magazine that get off her arse and get herself a job.And no, flogging yourself to the Daily Mail as a poor,put-upon victim of one bloke after another is NOT a job.
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