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'Cos it's so different, Calvin-a lot of people were put off by the violence and hard-to-follow plot-lines. Whereas it fits me like a glove (not that I'm violent!)

@Rollergirl1, it was me that called Donaldson the Mad Hatter, generally due to his speech and mannerisms. But agreed, there are enough clues there that he could be Mr Rabbit. The biggest one for me is the "playing everyone else off against each other". But in terms of "laid bare" it is clearly meant to look like Assistant now that Letts has been eliminated. I still think Carvel is the best wildcard choice-who after all might be Donaldson too! Whatever you think of the other aspects of the show, it's very hard to argue that "Who is Mr Rabbit?" hasn't been one humdinger of a riddle!

I also wonder how many people would have thought by the end of Ep1 that by Ep5 we'd be rooting for Arby all the way? I'm going to claim I was the first to sympathise (See? I'm not violent, I'm a big softee too!) but that wasn't until Ep2/3.
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