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Nah, remember Milner said his identity has been kept secret for over 30 years & to take out an entire office block, Mr Rabbit had to be extremely agile. So I'd imagine he was in his 20s when he did that, so he must be in his 50s/60s now. Lol, I'm thinking too much

Just watched eps 4&5 back-to-back & it was totally gripping. The bit where Arby asked Jessica if she's got her seatbelt on & the camera followed him from inside the car then around it before he shot the two hitmen was immense, as was the bit where he ordered their food.

Dugdale is a shit but it's self-preservation. he really thinks he can outwit the Network. Tuesday night can't come quick enough!
Highlighted bit is my moment of the series, loved it. In fact Arby from that point on until Jessica left him was the best thing in it-fantastic performance, so unlikely and so hard to capture...and yet done with so much swagger (and stagger!). It was like a twisted Bond or warped super-hero with a baring of a tortured soul as the dénouement.

Think you're probably right about Dugdale too, in all regards. There's a touch of the film Local Hero about Dugdale, methinks..even the poster!:

And of course, Local Hero featured a young Peter Capaldi-to whom Paul Higgins was the gloriously foul-mouthed protégé Jamie in The Thick Of It
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