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Forgot to mention this last night, but I disagree that she was very gracious. She was very good on the night but by morning she had obviously worked her way up into a self righteous rage (with some prompting from the production team?).
What I found disappointing was that whilst V&S handled it very poorly, there was no apology or explaination as to why Helen thought it acceptable to use her daughters old pee stained mattress for paying guests to use.
Agree that she should have offered an explanation re the stained mattress but felt she was more gracious in her attitude than V & S were in relation to their feedback on the final show.

Also, if the smell was so bad they would have noticed it on first visit to the room surely. If I had been Helen I would have pointed out to them that she did show that room to the other contestants who found no smell at all. Fight fire with fire etc

She should never have had that mattress on a guests bed true but I think that V & S were totally out of order in how they handled the situation and ruined a nice dinner for everyone not just Helen and her friend.
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