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Oh I agree. Do you know the first thing her comments re his tweeted pic of Dolly made me think? Pure resentment. That she's jealous that he's giving the child his attention and she's not getting any so she's going to turn it into something negative. How sad is that.

The only time I can ever recall this idiot actually looking happy was when Alex was making a fuss of her and saying how beautiful () she was and how much he loved her etc etc. Now he's switched to Dolly and she hates it! I bet if he'd tweeted that he was sad on V Day because he no longer had the love of his Chantelle, she'd be going around with a big satisfied beam on her stupid vacuous face.
^It is so this.
It says something about the true nature of someone when they can actually make you begin to feel a modicum of sympathy for a numpty like Alex Reid.
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