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God this show is like heaven for me.

In Five's original run Sean and J were painted as the best friends of the group. It was constantly mentioned that J was like a dad to Sean. Makes me feel so uneasy that Sean had to go along with that 'storyline' when their relationship was actually the total opposite.

It's also not nice for fans to find out years down the line they were being treated like mugs.
I agree it is horrible to see how it was manipulative towards fans and shows what p.r there was, and probably still is in the industry. I remember hearing years ago about Sean's breakdown and not being glandular fever, but didn't realise that Scott also was possibly almost on the edge as well.

It's strange what slant this now has on what happens, I have come across an old five DVD and video, one documentary fan did and one DVD of the tour with behind the scenes footage, and what I saw before as banter especially between Sean and J, can actually be seen as bullying. It's strange what watching them with a new perspective and age has.

Still love Scott as comes across as a really nice guy. Met him a few years back when he did a stage tour with david Essex in boogie nights 2 the musical, and was lovely to the fans and seemed really friendly.

Think the next few episode will be interesting.
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