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Oh be fair!
No-one with a normal,everyday Dad would be able to think of them as well as PA does.
The man has won AWARDS for his selfless service to Daddydom ffs.
We are truly not worthy.
I don't know what would have happened to the human race if he and Tango had not come along to tell us how to parent. We would have continued on in a unnaturally unorange fashion, thinking that privacy and dignity were genuinely good concepts and listening to music that was not heavily influenced/copied from someone whose death gave them a relevance they had not had for about a decade.

We would never have known the joy of adding ZZA to any random noun, the life-affirmation that comes from joining two words together to make another, wholly unnecessary word, or the power that comes from having some-one else intone your internal monologue.

We would never have seen the step-by-step guide to how to court each other in public, how to court publicity when you are courting each other in public, how to make a career out of a fauxmance, how to make a marriage out of a fauxmance, how to make a tv show out of a marriage and how to publicly put your beloved children through hell to show how much you love them.

We owe them a great debt.
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