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The anger seems more directed at the mayor for not having a public consultation and for selecting someone who is non-Maltese. Was Pete supposed to turn down the honour, surely that would have been more offensive to the locals?
Ah cmon. As if the locals would give a toss. And plainly they don't. Or rather, they do, but that's because he accepted. Why try and paint him as someone celebrated and influential enough to have the power to offend? If it was eg. Sting maybe, I'd see your point, but the Cheesy DOTY? Come off it.

All he had to do was say 'Mayor Dingli, honoured as I am to be considered for such a prestigious role, I'm not really fit for post, what with not being remotely cultured or influential and in fact, I'd probably be an Anti-Ambassador, an, if you will, Ambassador of Embarrassmentage and Valletta would suffer as a result.
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