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The beast, at the mo, gets the the Felix foil tins as his staple diet.

We quite often get various sliced/packet meats, massively discounted late in the day; we have some, and the Beast gets the leftovers - Which he snarfs down with great pleasure.

Just because we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, preparing dinner, chatting and listening to R4 we fished out the packets of remainder slices and Felix cat food.

The slices had between 60% and 88% of the meat/fish content(of what it alleged to be) and Felix had 4% meat/fish content.

Given that his 'cat food' contains very little actual creature, and that he quite happy to kill and snarf down random small creatures and birds, I'm not too worried about him gobbling down a bit of horse.

Given his general attitude to other creatures I wouldn't be surprised his if he wanted to 'bring one down' and snarf it anyway

But it has, maybe moving slightly OT, wonder about what is in pet food.

The Beast is not really a picky eater, and quite often we will pick up some livers or kidney or some discounted chicken or fish and boil it up for him.

Can be just as cheap as cat food, and it isn't much of an effort to boil a bit of chicken, or rattle some liver in a pan for a few mins.

And it has made me think, that is the 96% of non meat/fish stuff in a tin for the benefit of the cat or the manufacturers?
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