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Forgot about Moonrise Kingdom, but couldn't get in to Looper at all. Got about halfway through, thought "meh", turned it off to go to bed, and never went back to the rest.

Willis is clearly embarrassed by A Good Day to Die Hard, which begs the question why he ever agreed to it. He must've read the script before committing.
Looper is brilliant, you are wrong, and there is a massive change up half way through when Emily Blunt's character is introduced. Did you get that far?

Also, Bruce Willis may have signed up before reading the script, often with franchises/series they sign them up for prospective sequels before/whilst writing them. All the main cast for The Hunger Games have signed up for 3 more films, and they haven't even finished the script for them yet. (Though because they're based on books, the cast presumably have some idea where it's going to go...)

Why would they bother writing a script only to discover Bruce Willis won't do it? Better to get him first then do a script...
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