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I doubt another channel would be interested.
Why do you think that? It might boost their ratings.

That's a big shame, I loved YA and at times thought it was even better than the normal apprentice
Well said! I also enjoyed it more than the adult edition, mainly because I found there were more really capable and likeable individuals in Young Apprentice.

In Series 1, I liked pretty much everyone bar Rhys and Adam. In Series 2, they had some amazing people. I think Zara was the right person to win, but I would have been happy with James, Haya, Harry H, Lizzie or even Hayley. Series 3 was a bit more of a fail mainly because I thought some really good people fell at the early stages - namely Sean, Alice and Navdeep - but it was still enjoyable, and I was happy with Ashleigh as the winner.

So out of three series, we had two that were fantastic, and one that wasn't quite so good, but anyone can see this format could work for quite a long time, especially as in the current political climate it is more important than ever to encourage young people to really make something of their lives. Lord Sugar is really passionate about that, and I admire him for it - I'm young, and while I've had quite a lot of opportunities myself, I know a lot of people who haven't been so lucky. Yet again the BBC are showing that they can't see beyond viewing figures to something that really has potential. I suppose the way we are economically at the moment they don't really have much choice, but it's still such a shame. After all, the adult edition of The Apprentice didn't get a huge number of viewing figures for its first few years, but ultimately it became something that everyone knows about and the majority of people enjoy from time to time, even if they don't follow it properly.
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