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I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt in that your not a fan of Kate Bush and you don't know very much of her work. And by "not a fan" I don't mean that you dislike her, just that you are not specifically one of her followers or fans.

Hounds of Love is acknowledged as one of the best British albums ever made, Kate was the first solo female artist to go straight to Number 1 in the album charts (with Never for Ever). All her work is written, produced and published by Kate and Kate alone.

Her 1979 tour was widely acclaimed as a theatrical and musical tour de force.

Kate's achievements are myriad, please don't dismiss them as "not a lot".
So says someone who doesn't like all the facts and figures on this thread. By "not a lot" I meant that she hasn't been very prolific since plus, IMO, nothing of hers is as good as her first hits. Didn't like her mid 80s stuff (apart from the duet with Peter Gabriel which is superb).
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