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Knew it was a 'face I know from somewhere' then again it's chocked full of 'faces'

I'm still liking the show, storylines need a bit of calming though.
Better than the camping one which went too far IMO.
Begsy's Mum's speech and load of randoms turning up at Mad Tony's was a bit too much, if still amusing.

Lots of good gags in there and it's got a fair bit of charm, so I can ignore the storyline to an extent.

Roll on series 2, I say.
When's the repeat?
Glad to see some positive posts about "Great night out", I've heard it had received a lot of bad reports. I've watched every episode and enjoyed it, light hearted TV to unwind after a busy week.

I also liked the fact it was based on four male friends, its usually female friends.
The last episode was highly enjoyable. The series has improved with every episode.

I liked the line, "I don't even know where the music is coming from"
Yes, this has been a great show for a Friday night. All the guys have been really good, some daft but not too daft story lines.

Great fun all round.
I loved this, I really hope it's back for a second series.
I concur, however they did kind of tie everything up at the end so who knows.
Hope this comes back for a 2nd series we loved it
It's nice that the female other halves aren't complete cardboard cut-out nagging harridans.
Although their not best mates like the chaps they get along and have their own thing going on.

Anyway I need to forget about it now, until/if a second series comes along.

I agree. I rather liked series one.
Who do we petition to get it back for a second series?!

Cracking show, and those ladies were comical themselves, lots of scope for a new series, even one a bit longer......

It could be a funnier Cold Feet, with a slightly younger entourage....

Made me laugh out loud, lots of times throughout all the episodes......

Everyone who loved this show on here, should copy and paste some of the positive posts and write/email ITV (God knows what address though)

maybe try this lady (new to her job too)

Myfanwy Moore - ITV Commissioning Editor, Comedy.

and Hat Trick Productions (ditto) who produced the show......

Helen Williams - executive producer comedy.....

It got a steady 3 million (probably returning) viewers, which for a friday night is good going....

Would LOVE a new series, keeping up with strong writing....and the great cast.....

Lots of writing scope, holidays, wedding to see, the stag do..
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