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why the big hubub over horse meat anyway?

i'd eat a horse. it'd be wasteful not to.
and infact, disrespectful to the slaughtered animal not to do so. it has been killed for a purpose already, wasting its body is literally the most disrespectful thing i could think of to happen in that situation where an otherwise healthy animal has been killed in such a way.

the main thing bothering me about this "scandal" is the amount of perfectly edible food being wasted.

i'd be quite happy for these products to end up in the bargain food shops with a sticker on them saying "may contain horse meat" and i'd buy them.
i don;t actually buy ready meals and such, but wouldn;t throw one out because it might have once gone neigh!

you never actually know what exactly is in dog and cat food anyway, the flavour on the packet is just that, a flavour.
if it says "with" that's what it is, "meat" with about 4% named ingredient, like chicken, or tuna.
probably is some horse in there (especially considering the price of it) but it won't harm the cat, to be honest it won't harm a human either. we're just picky.

about 80% of wet food is just water anyway.
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