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You know what? I'm not a fan of Jodie and I think she's an attention seeking drama queen but I'd take her over KP any day. Jodie is OTT and me, me, me but I believe her heart is in the right place even of she has a funny way of going about things.
She's a better person than the vile KP will ever be.
I know I should dislike Jodie Marsh,but I don't. I'll take the pee out of her at times,but having seen her in an episode of Come Dine With Me I found her very intelligent & interesting as a person .She can carry whole conversations that aren't based on pink & fluffy stuff & nails & hair extensions. She just seems nice,but rather desperate to succeed at something.And I applaud the fact that she refused to be coerced into a sexual relationship with that Kirk drip from TOWIE. Had Jordan been in Jodies shoes she'd have married him most likely, to justify bedding him.Jodie kept control,got the publicity (as did he) and didn't hop into his bed,causing him to throw a very public strop .
Given a choice of a night out in her company or Jordan's I'd opt for Jody every time.For a start her voice isn't monotone & I couldn't endure an hour of Jordan droning on about total garbage & pink & glitter .
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