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Right then, I can tell you categorically that the "experienced worker" at the time the programme was filmed, had well less than a year's railway experience ,and that the "trainer" had over 26 years on the railway, working her way up from yts trainee. Just shows how gullible the viewing public are when faced with a cleverly edited "documentary"!
Just seen the programme and I don't think the staff came across too badly. I agree there was a bit of playing upto the camera.
The older guy who disagreed with the trainer was seen earlier in the programme saying that he had joined the railway recently as his pension money was only lasting until Friday.
As in all these programmes they've gone for the personalities or else it would be a bit mundane. I don't think many cleaners will have all those animals (snakes, chickens etc) she had, most will have been on a long-distance train journey and I doubt most would stay 21 years.
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