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You're right. Now you've come to mention it that's what's definitely missing.
I remember how on his wipe shows he'd take apart a TV genre or trope piece by piece and demonstrate how it fits together with a parody.
One of his pieces at one time was the most liked clip on youtube. It probably isn't now as it was about two years ago.
Or alternatively he's reconstruct a media job role in a similarly humourous manner.

You're right. This is what's missing.
Taking apart the week's news reporting was always the most valuable and actually scary part of Screenwipe. It is missing a bit so far this series.

However, I imagine wading through hundreds of hours of news is not only tedious but incredibly depressing. Like others have said, there's a lot easier and lighter targets and I kind of don't blame him for easing up once in a while.

It can be effective if handled correctly.
Adam Buxton's Bug and specifically his guest hosting of Buzzcocks showed how you can get humour out of Youtube comments.
Adam Buxton is the master at reading out YouTube comments. I've not seen it done better than here:

The problem is, 99% of comments on YouTube or the Daily Mail online are badly-spelled hate. Everyone already knows this. I do think it's worth a dig as a new part of our culture. But once you've made that point the first week, how do you keep it fresh?
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