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Taking apart the week's news reporting was always the most valuable and actually scary part of Screenwipe. It is missing a bit so far this series.

However, I imagine wading through hundreds of hours of news is not only tedious but incredibly depressing.
Like others have said, there's a lot easier and lighter targets and I kind of don't blame him for easing up once in a while.

Adam Buxton is the master at reading out YouTube comments. I've not seen it done better than here:

The problem is, 99% of comments on YouTube or the Daily Mail online are badly-spelled hate. Everyone already knows this. I do think it's worth a dig as a new part of our culture. But once you've made that point the first week, how do you keep it fresh?
It wasn't just the news though. I remember great features where he deconstructed 'Mission' documentaries, Reality television, house based and Boardroom based.
Plus he did a great feature on the life of somebody trying to work their way up in television.
I also remember a piece he did where he described how much his own show cost.

These are only a handful of examples, and all made very good television.
It wasn't all about 'targets' a lot of it was actually quite informative and they worked as little short films in their own right.
There is so much to still explore, still television formats which haven't been covered yet.

Yes he could do 'light' because it might be easier. But therein lies the reason why this series is lacking for some.
If it bores him to create these segments, or if he's too busy, I think I'd prefer him to put the series on hiatus and just do a series when he feels energized and fresh and wants to do it. It would probably be worthwhile because I don't see the point of him doing a series in which he just churns the easy stuff out, because it kind of undermines the name of the 'wipe' series.
He does the light entertainment bit on other shows. With the 'wipe' shows I hope for his more razor sharp cutting analysis which doesn't necessarily care about mainstream tastes.

That may be the problem...that he's on BBC 2 now.
Let's face it he's probably very busy as well what with him writing other non-wipe material for other shows such as Black Mirror.

I'm not slagging him off or anything, because although this series is arguably under par compared to his usual wipe series, it's still quite an entertaining show to watch which still has some great moments and is better than a lot of comedy out there.

I also agree with you about the youtube stuff as well. It feels like he's stating the obvious to some extent. The dopey comments he reads out seem par for the course and don't seem to be dumb enough or batshit crazy enough for them to stand out as anything other than the norm on the internet.
The type of comments he reads out appear to be quite bland and not too different to the sort of dumb comments most people make from time to time when having an off day.

Just watched the Adam Buxton link. Now that's more like it.
I would have thought that Charlie Brooker would have treated it more like that, or treated it in a similar if not exactly the same vein. Go for genuinely funny comments that the poster doesn't seem to be aware of how funny they actually are.
Charlie just seems to come across as bitter that somebody posted a comment in anger which he didn't like. He doesn't really do much with it other than be sarcastic about it.
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